Thursday, September 10, 2015

Do we understand what Membership Site is ?

A Membership site can produce very high profits and this is why they are becoming very popular, but many people still do not fully understand them and in particular how money is made from them.

I would like to expose here my understanding about the topic and hope to be helpful for anyone that 
might have a certain doubts or concerns.

First thing that comes in mind is the amount of initial investment needed.Very affordable by all means.Second thing- you don’t need to maintain an inventory,buy or rent storage space, don’t have to buy supplies, etc.   The reason for all this is of course the product that actually you provide via membership site. 
Most membership sites promote, or sell intangible items, meaning information of one kind or another. 
Other products like software,website graphic packs etc. are just additional goods to your main product- serving by providing information.

There is a business research showing that the marketplace for intangible items can produce much more income than that of tangible items. Like I said ,what you are selling is information and you know that information is extremely valuable .You can find examples since the early ages 
as well as  present days example- you order someone to create a product (software,research,case study ,report,etc.) for you,than sell it,collecting all the money from this product and still you don't have the knowledge how to make it yourself,so after all, knowledge is where the money are born.

Think about different high profile companies and which ones are more successful. If we only compare Google (intangible) with Microsoft (tangible), you might truly be surprised at what you come up with. 
In fact it is said that Google has bested Microsoft in both profits and in Internet web users, (even though this is taken from an old interview of Marissa Mayer ,when she was working for Google,but make sense for me).

The Web is considered a global market place with millions of products that are bought and sold everyday - True! But it is way more than that. People nowadays look to the internet to access information,they want quality information and most of them are willing to pay for it in order to save research time.We can say that the Information is what provides revenue on the Internet and in this way is the best legal way of earning money there. Here is the point where the membership site is going to ''Hit the lights' 'and start making money like a Rockstar.:-) 

                  What is the purpose of Membership Site?

Membership sites focus on a specific group of people or niche, and offer important information that these people want, need and in many cases are willing to pay for.
The best way to find a niche is to start researching what people are looking for and how you can help giving them information on a particular topic. There are different ways to understand where the most interests of your future subscribers are..most obvious is of course the good old  keyword search,but i found out that Google is not the best place for placing that kind of research.Why? Simple - the fact that many people are tipping a particular word in the search engine doesn't mean that they are meaning to pay for it,and after all this is what we are searching for.The good paying audience.Where we can find them? At the Marketplace for sure! Good place for niche research can be ClickBank Marketplace,JV Zoo,and any other big affiliate marketing site.There you can see exactly which niche oriented products are best sellers,check the gravity of related products in order to be sure that in this particular niche are people ready to pay.
Another very clever way of research that you can find useful is checking sites that are for sale on Flippa.Search for big priced sites,than use some tools to see what are their keywords for example,or you can collect other extremely important information that you can incorporate in your sites.If you don't know or have any tools for that purpose,i will put some links down below.

I will stop right here so you can grab that links and go researching around.You will be surprised how much information and good ideas you can get when you examine the construction of some successful sites.

I am leaving you now,and hope you will be interested in the next topics :

-Why do people prefer Membership Sites?

-How do Membership Sites Make Their Money?

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Wicked Baron

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