Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Tao of Tumblr Profits– How You Can Make Money Using Tumblr

There are tons of ways to make money online and social networking tools are certainly in that mix, but one that gets overlooked often is Tumblr.

That’s largely because it is the ‘new kid on the block,’ and those that have discovered the value of using Tumblr to generate income aren’t really talking about it. They like their little secret and plan to keep it that way for as long as they can.

Tumblr blogging is a cheap and easy method for business to engage their customers and to build brand recognition. In fact, it’s a great way to keep and grow your customer base. And if you want to make money, now would be a good time to forget all about traditional marketing.
Traditional marketing, with its standardized photos and slogans, doesn’t often cut it in our over sensitive, hyper connected world. The time is here to think outside the box. Tumblr is free and it makes posting easier than ever, so it means you can quickly create brand recognition and it provides regular, consistent channels to the internet’s consciousness so that you can achieve that brand recognition even faster. Just a few clicks and your text, quote, link, photo, video, etc. are posted and there for the world to view.
A blog that is linked to social media is like a lottery ticket for most businesses. There is a definite shift from spending money on advertising to spending that money on social networking campaigns, that are now recognized as being far more valuable and far more affordable. Social media in an incredible tool for business to share content online and that content is what is so important for marketing. Your goal is to inspire viewers to want to learn more about your company.
If you want to make money on Tumblr you are going to need to engage your customers. The point of social media, and that includes Tumblr, is to connect with your customers. Business bloggers must be continually interacting with their customers if they want to keep that connection, otherwise it will be lost. By engaging with your viewers you create loyalty and you build a relationship. If you are only engaging now and then they will quickly lose interest and leave you. Engaging is easy: post a question, ask for opinions on say a new ad or ask for a like on a new publication. Just a few examples of how you can engage your viewers. Those that are following you on Tumblr can repost your posts onto their blog and from their it can be reposted yet again and on it goes – much like Facebook.

The more internet traffic you have on your page the more it drives brand recognition and that in turn translates into revenue because of the interest in your product.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to Run A Solid Facebook Ad Campaign

When you first start your Facebook ad campaign one thing you will notice is that performance tends to degrade with time. That’s because the cost increases incrementally to reach each subsequent Facebook user. In other words, The initial people who click on your Facebook ad tend to generally be the most responsive to ads. Once you pass the first wave of people the cost of reaching the following group increases. 
As a result, you need to monitor your daily click through rate (CTR). You need to watch how your CTR performs over a period of time. If you start to see a decrease you might want to consider either switching up your ad or targeting a different group. At some point, all of your ads will lose their effectiveness. If you are not monitoring your Facebook ad campaign regularly then you will find that you are wasting tons of money. They only excuse not to monitor is you are lazy or dead.
You should also test your ads performance at various times. You will likely find that during different parts of the day your ad performs better than during other times in the day. You can’t choose which time of day your ad runs; however you are able to manually turn your ads on and off, so that you can make sure your ads are running at the optimal times. Eventually, it is hoped that Facebook will ad this kind of control, but right now no advertiser has that control.
Many Facebook advertisers are fond of the cost per fan model, because Facebook provides all page administrators with an excellent engagement channel. While email is recognized as one of the top marketing channels, Facebook also performs well. That’s because the quality of the content on Facebook is reshared by many users. This translates to an increase in your fan base and the possibility of your content going viral on Facebook. There are many email marketing sites like MailChimp that are seen as a way to make email marketing more social, the reality is that Facebook pages continue to be top marketing channel.
Therefore, investing in Facebook advertising using a cost per fan basis is a very smart idea because once you get a fan you can continue to engage them through your feed. When you run cost per fan campaigns in combination with running CPM based ads you can really optimize your ads on a cost per action model.
Facebook advertising is a great way to grow your business when you know how to run a solid ad campaign.You can check this video tutorial here

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Go Evergreen with Your Membership Site

Membership sites offer a unique way to generate recurring income. 
Some membership sites do better than others and some require less 
maintenance than others. Did you know you can reduce your 
maintenance by choosing to publish what’s called Evergreen Content?
 If you aren’t familiar with this term, that’s okay. It really just means 
that the information that you provide should be of value today, next month,
 in 3 months, in 6 months, in a year, in 2 years, in 5 years, and on it goes. 
When you do this, your subscribers can continue to enjoy the benefits for
 a much longer period of time. Of course, there are going to be times 
where you will need to upgrade the content, but you can reduce this time 
significantly just by making sure the content you publish is as evergreen
 as possible. Remember, the focus of your membership site should be to 
create a recurring income with the least amount of work. 
When you use evergreen content that certainly helps you to meet your goal. 
When it comes to the type of content that would qualify as evergreen 
some membership site owners have difficulty figuring out what to provide.
It’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are some great ideas for 
evergreen content. The more you make use of the more variety 
and the more beneficial to your subscribers. 
Of course, that also means the more interest there is in becoming a subscriber.
 Here are some of the most popular evergreen content That gets published: 

  • Articles – You can publish articles either on a your members only site. You can also convert them to PDF for download.

  • Audio Interviews – Hands down - this is by far the quickest way to create content! 

  • PDF Cheat Sheets – Members really enjoy the PDF cheat sheets. These are lists of flowcharts, mindmaps, or other resources. 

  • Tutorial videos –Camtasia is a great way to quickly record videos for your membership site.

  • Webinars – Members like webinars because they are interactive and you can have some fun creating them. It’s a win win all the way around. 

When it comes to having a successful membership site, there is success and then there is real success. Those enjoying the latter have learned how to make use of evergreen content and to maximize their profits while minimizing their invested time. Why not follow in the steps of those who are already enjoying success? 

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